Financial K: The Person

Hello, my name is K.Hudson and like a lot of people, I’ve dreamed about what I would do if I had millions of dollars at my disposal.  I’d buy this and that, and travel the world doing all kinds of adventurous things.  But the reality is. . .I don’t have millions of dollars.  I graduated from college, got a “good job” and I make a decent living, but I’m not rich (not by the world’s definition).  On top of not being rich, I have to contend with life and all its surprises, many of which require a withdrawal from my bank account.  Does this mean that I can’t have any of the things that I dreamt about as a millionaire?  No, it doesn’t.  I just have to be more strategic about how I acquire it.  My education, work and life experiences have taught me how to place value on the things I desire, and have shown me all kinds of opportunities that exist in order for me to acquire them (or some version of them).  I created this blog to share what I’ve learned, and to learn from others.

A little about my financial beliefs:

I’m a believer and practitioner of responsible/priority spending.  If someone should ever ask me whether they should buy their family members Christmas presents or repair their car, being their sole source of transportation, I’ll always side with repairing the car.  I believe and practice planning, saving and investing for retirement (aka “the golden years”).  I also acknowledge the fact that “the golden years” aren’t guaranteed to me, plus I have no desire to wait until I’m in my 60s or 70s to start living and enjoying my life.  Therefore, I practice financial habits that create opportunities for me to live and enjoy my life today, as well as tomorrow.

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Photo by Kat R via Flickr under Creative Commons.