Funds Are Limited But Dreams Are Plentiful: Factoring In Your Level Of Desire

I use to purchase everything I wanted within my immediate financial reach.  Over time I began to realize that all the things I’d acquired were at the bottom of my wish list.  Things I desired, but I desired the least.  When I totaled the cost of items purchased over a short period of time, I saw that I could have gotten something I desired more, with a higher price tag, had I just given it a little time.  So, while I was pursuing something of lower desire because of its immediate availability, I was pushing something I desired more, higher in cost, further from my reach.

This is not simply about cost.  I’m not asking whether you prefer six $50 items as oppose to one $300 item.  If those $50 items are high on your wish list and within your financial reach, then go for it.  But often as we move up the wish list things tend to get more expensive.

While there may never be a shortage of things that I’d like to do and have, I try to aim a little higher on my wish list and exercise a little patience to get the things I desire more.

Photo by Holger via Flickr under Creative Commons.

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