You Are A Businessperson

You Are A Businessperson

Regardless of how much or how little business knowledge you have, you are a businesswoman, or businessman.  Yes, you!  Please acknowledge this, it’s very important.  Even if you don’t have a position or title in anyone’s company, as long as you’re alive you will always be a player in the business of being alive.

EVERY TIME you buy something, you are conducting an actual business transaction.  The store is not doing you a favor by accepting your money in exchange for their goods or services, and vice versa, you are not doing the store a favor by giving them your money in exchange for their goods or services.

I know this may sound obvious to some people, but sometimes it’s the obvious that’s most overlooked.

You are a businessperson.  Take it in.  Accept it.  Use it.

Photo by KellyB via Flickr under Creative Commons.

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