Get On Your Mark.  Get Set.  Go!

Get On Your Mark. Get Set. Go!

As a child I remember I liked to race (running) against other kids.  Every race began with someone screaming “Get on your mark.  Get set. Go!”  I can’t remember there ever being a race when those words weren’t said.  No one just screamed “Go!”, it was always “Get on your mark.  Get set.  Go!”, and while I didn’t fully understand the concept of the phrase, myself and all the other kids knew what to do.  “Get on your mark”, get to the starting line.  “Get set”, prepare your stance.  “Go!”, take off running as fast as you could!

As an adult, I get it now.  This is life.  “Get on your mark”, get to/in the right place to begin.  “Get set”, prepare yourself (mentally and/or physically) and do whatever prep work is necessary.  “Go!”, do it (whatever “it” is)!  This is the pattern.  And while it may be easier to see this pattern in some areas of life as oppose to others, it’s actually everywhere, including our finances.  When I look over my life I see it in the purchasing of my cars, my house, my clothing, my groceries (yes, even my grocery shopping), planning vacations and more.

As I mentioned, I don’t remember anyone just screaming “Go!”  This is because there is something important about “getting on your mark” and “getting set.”

With this blog I hope to help you get on your mark and help you get set.  But know that you, and only you, will be responsible to “Go!”

Photo by Steven Depolo via Flickr under Creative Commons.

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